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China, since it was overshadowed by B

  • JULY 2010

    Our Humble Beginnings

    eijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Nonetheless, Wuhans population at over 11 million is still higher than that of Los Angeles County. The city of Wuhan has focused on boosting its services in the fields of educat

  • JANUARY 2011

    Facing Startup Battles

    ion, science-technology and serving as a prime national logistics center for the agricultural and manufacturing sectors. Therefore, Beijings decision to quarantine Wuhan did not come lightly as the measures would have a deep impact on nationwide su

  • DECEMBER 2012

    Enter The Dark Days

    pply chains, scientific studies, hi-tech developments and so much more. Nevertheless, the grave potential for the coronavirus to emerge as a global pandemic stood very hi

  • FEBRUARY 2014

    Our Triumph

    gh and that could have resulted in hundreds of millions of people getting infected worldwide, while the mortality rate is in the 2 to 3 percent range. Consequently, the possibility of over 10 million people dying f

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    rom it was not a joking matter. Withou

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    t enforcement of the Wuhan lockdown, local residents could have posed a threat to public safety if they had flown on airplanes, took train


    s or traveled across China or go overs

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